Thursday, 29 December 2011

Cowboy Cemetery, 3 dirty tales

Some of the best stories are often the ones that can never be told, for the telling would mean that some of the key protagonists would feel hurt, and that's something one should always avoid and be weary of.
But, part of the joy of embarking on any adventure, are the funny, weird and downright crazy things you end up collecting along the way.
So, I've come up with a cunning plan: gonna tell a few of the cowboy tales, stuff that has happened during the Anatomy masterplan, but gonna mess up the chronology and keep the identity of all the pistoleros involved safe and intact.
This way, I hope, we all gonna be able to see the funny side, for if there's something I have learnt in this life, if anything, is to try to keep the heart light and not carry too many bitter pills in the pocket.
I'll be unleashing the '3 Dirty tales' video within next few weeks, in the meantime, here's a mini-trailer, a teaser, of the upcoming wounded knee massacre:

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